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Hi, my name is Steve Mannerburg. I started doing this kind of work as a 'pick-up' laborer during summers in High School. After graduating, I just sort of gravitated towards this kind of work. I liked the physical activity and the variety of projects and jobsites. 

Eventually, I wound up working for someone who taught me more about the business end of things. After working for him for a few years, he encouraged me to start my own business. That was about 25 years ago and I'm still at it. I started off doing a lot of apartment maintenance and low budget jobs. Not fun sometimes, but it paid the bills.

As the years went by and I acquired more skills, I was able to try other types of projects. Everything from commercial construction to fire restoration to rehabbing rental properties for investors. But my favorite has always been working for the private homeowner. The projects are always unique, as are the people. I had built up quite a following, just by word-of-mouth. It was going so well that, for a while, I couldn't take any new clients. My schedule was full for months in advance.

A few years ago, I decided to try a new career. One that wasn't as physically demanding as construction. So, in my late 40's, I became a full time college student, majoring in Computer Science. I enjoyed school and did very well at it, much to my surprise. But, after a few years, for practical reasons, I had to go back to my old trade. The computer field was no longer as hot as it was. And an older guy with minimal real world experience in the field just wasn't much in demand. So, I found a good orthopedist and I'm back at work.

The challenge now is to get a new following. I have a few of my old clients who were willing to wait for me to do projects between semesters and during the summer breaks. Just that backlog kept me busy for a good while. But, I've got almost all of their projects completed. And I'm getting some referrals from those projects. But word-of-mouth, while it is the best way to get new clients, also takes a while to build up momentum. So now, for the first time, I'm advertising. That's probably how you found this website. It's been interesting meeting new people again and working with them. 

My work style is very professional. I'm punctual and keep a regular schedule. I'm not one to start a few jobs at the same time. Once I start your project, I stay with it until it's done. Although any project will create some disruption and dirt, I try to keep it to a minimum. I have drop cloths and they get a lot of use. I have a large, fully stocked truck that is kept in good repair. I carry many standard hardware items so that I'm not wasting time running to the lumberyard. I believe in personalized service. I try very hard to match the finished project to your style, not mine. Everybody's taste and budget are different. It's part of what makes this business so interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my services. I hope to be able to work on your project. And remember, no matter who does the work, check references and verify their insurance!